General Engineering

  • Manifold surfacing in mill
  • diamond hone in cam tunnel after manufacture
  • Oil rig driveshaft being balanced
  • Chev 360 sprintcar block found to be riddled with cracks
Manifold surfacing in mill1 diamond hone cam tunnel to ensure straight tunnnel2 Oil rig driveshaft being balanced3 Chev 360 sprintcar block found to be riddled with cracks4

Cracked Chev 360 sprintcar

General Engineering

Manufacturing special parts and tools and modifying components is part of our job, as well as driveshaft manufacturing, flywheel machining and re-drilling for conversion clutch’s. Special tools, fixtures and jigs are made in house to ensure quick turnaround, efficiency and precision in all our machining processes.

oil rig driveshaft being balanced

General Services

  • Acid bath cleaning.
  • Bead blast cleaning.
  • Full Crack Testing service.
  • Hardness testing of all steels & alloys.
  • Tig and Mig welding.
  • Drive shaft manufacturing or modifying.
  • Manufacturing diamond honing bars.
  • Thread repairs & recoils.
  • Flywheel surfacing & lightening.
  • Surfacing of Manifolds.