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Dave Byron
Kalgoolie WA

72 Chevy C10 SWB Stepside
383, Turbo 350, shift kit, standard stall, 12 bolt rear end.
Engine built for towing power & realistic economy.
Dave says both goals where achieved, Beaurepairs are very happy with the motor & there increased tyre sales. When Dave first fitted the engine he rang to say “I expected a reasonable performance gain by going from 350 to 383 but the way you guyst seit up I was shocked at the way it just gets up & goes. The cam is perfect, you can drive it at low rpm or you can stand on it & light up the back tyres without even trying”.

Adam Holt
Portland VIC

Ford Cortina Production Sedan Speedway Car.
2007-08 Results: Australian Title Qualified 1st and finished 2nd
Hamilton Featue 1st
Stawell Feature 2nd
Portland Feature 1st