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Fram HP Oil Filter HP1

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Fram HP Series oil filters are compatible with all oil types and have been optimized for racing and high performance street cars.

Additional features include:

* Low-restriction racing media designed for high oil flow.

* Silicone anti-drain back valve on many applications.

* Maximum burst pressure: 350 to 500 psi, depending on model.

* Maximum operating pressure of 200 psi.

* Screen over bypass valve for extra protection against large contaminants.

* High-flow bypass valve.

* Flanged steel end caps.

  • Product Line:    Fram.  Made in USA.
  • Condition:    Brand New.
  • Quantity:    High Performance Oil Filter x 1.
  • Part #:    HP1 (Z9-HP Equivalent).
  • Application:    Daihatsu 4cyl 3B, 13B 3.4L, 14B 3.7L Engines.
  • Application:    Ford/Mazda 4cyl WL, WLAT 2.5L 12V SOHC Diesel Engines.
  • Application:    Ford 6cyl 2.8L,3.2L, 3.3L, 3.6L, 3.9L, 4.0L, 4.1L 12V SOHC Engines.
  • Application:    Ford V8 289, 302, 5.0L, 351 Windsor Engines.
  • Application:    Ford V8 302, 351 Cleveland Engines.
  • Application:    Fits: Toyota 4cyl L 2.2L, 2L 2L-T 2.4L, 3L 2.8L, 5L 3.0L, 3B 3.4L 8V SOHC Diesel Engines.
  • Application:    Fits: Toyota 4cyl 5R 2.0L, 4M 2.6L, 3F 4.0L, 2F 4.2L Petrol Engines.
  • Specs:
    • Height:  146mm (5.750”).
    • Outer Diameter:  92mm (3.670”).
    • Seal Inner Diameter:  61.5mm (2.42”).
    • Thread Size:  3/4”-16.